Monday, June 18, 2012

Yogen Fruz

I came across this picture below in facebook attached by a friend of mine and i think that it is just so me.
There are Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore and the last one reflect me that is the Omnomnomnivor >.<
I got a sweet tooth !
I am so in love with sweet stuff especially dessert, ice cream, yogurt, name me !
i will go look for it although it was located far far away !
the main point is...
Yes i will be looking like the purple dino below...
all those sweet stuff actually fattened me a lot =.=! (lotsa women complain about this and YES i know)
but i was so addicted to ice cream and dessert...
Mr.Zookeeper don't really love to tag along when i entered dessert house as he do not really love sweet things till i discover YOGEN FRUZ !

It was really amazing !
A type of Frozen yogurt or also being called as Froyo that taste like ice cream (my favorite) and not too sweet ! (not like certain Froyo shop that i dont want to mention their name that are too sweet and sour)
Just nice for both of us to have it together =)
Well, that's not all, it have 0% fat and helps in digestion besides coming with around 30 flavours !
So you got to continue reading to know more about this special shop that is so concern of ladies weight and health issue =)

They have 4 different types of serving that is the U sensation, Flavours, Smoothies and U serve.
Now lets go into the basic that is the U serve.
U serve comes with six basic flavor that you can mix and match to suit your taste ! (tart lemon kiss is my favourite)
At this point, after you read you'll think that this is just another yogurt shop that serve Froyo the same way.
Then sorry to say YOU ARE WRONG =)
Please continue reading if you want to know more~

The outcome of my U serve <3
Pardon me that i need to get a scoop of this before i continue >.<
Ahhhh~ that's much more better.

 Now you are urging me, what is so special about this Froyo?
This is it ! The U sensation & Flavor.
As i am addicted to their fresh strawberries, i tried the Strawberry flavour.
How do we do that ?

These are the ingredients needed to make the customized Froyo !
Few fresh strawberries, 2 yogurt bar and a medium sized cup.

First, berries will be put in the machine (this machine do amazing things)

Add in the yogurt bar

Then in around 1 minute it's DONE ! 

This is the outcome of the machine !
Right, i just said that it do amazing things right ?
Turning the white bar into pink ! blended together with the strawberries.
It taste amazing (and i mean it)

 These are the extra toppings that you can add.
If you are un-sure what to put, feel free to ask them and they are more than happy to assist you!

One of the customer's order when we were there.
Full with fruits and Froyo but only RM20+ (YES its worth it !)
Price is RM5.30 per 100gm

Water drop shaped mineral water with a smily face <3 so cute

Special thanks to Ms Hanim,super friendly lady for the introduction and bringing us such quality Froyo!

80-0, Block J, Platinum Walk
53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

(located just opposite row of platinum walk 7-11, behind Platinum walk old town)

PS : i feel like going again to have more after i finish this blog post *tata going to grab some now*

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